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Face Biometrics

Face Biometrics

Our Face Recognition Software takes a number of points and measurements, including the distances between key characteristics such as eyes, nose and mouth, angles of key features such as the jaw and forehead, and lengths of various portions of the face. Using all of this information, the program creates a unique template incorporating all of the numerical data. This template may then be compared to enormous databases of facial images to identify the subject.

FaceID is a cross-platform face detection and recognition system that can be easily integrated into the customer’s application. FaceID offers the API (Application Programming Interface) to detect a face and facial features and to match faces. Following face detection, the FaceID provides the coordinates of 40 facial feature points for further processing. For example, the facial feature points include eyes, eye corners, eyebrows, mouth corners and nose tip.

Face Detection

 Robust frontal face detection

 Detection of multiple faces in a photo

 Head rotation support: –30..30 degrees of in-plane rotation and –30..30 degrees out-of-plane rotation

 Determines in-plane face rotation angle

 Detection speed: as fast as 370 frames per second*, depending on resolution

 Realtime detection: 0.0027 sec (370 FPS)*, webcam resolution, –15..15 degrees of in-plane head rotation

 Reliable detection: 0.7 sec, digicam resolution, –30..30 degrees of in-plane head rotation

 Returned information for each detected face: (x,y) coordinates of face center, face width and rotation angle

 Easy configuration of face detection parameters

Face Matching

 Matching of two faces at given FAR (False Acceptance Rate) and FRR (False Rejection Rate)

 Enrollment time: 0.117 seconds (8.5 FPS)* (at webcam resolution)

 Template Size: 16 kb

 Matching speed: 30,000 faces per second*

 Returned information: facial similarity level

Facial Feature Detection

 Detection of 40 facial feature points (eyes, eyebrows, mouth, nose, face contour)

 Detection time: 0.59 seconds* (not including face detection stage)

 Allowed head rotation: –30..30 degrees of in-plane rotation, –10..10 degrees out-of-plane rotation

 Returned information: array of 40 (x,y) coordinates of each facial feature point

Eye Centers Detection

 Detection of eye centers only, detection time: 0.067 seconds* (not including face detection stage)

 Returned information: two (x,y) coordinates of left eye center and right eye center



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